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Month: April, 2004

A Healthy Shade of Orange


So, I’m working on this article about the Ren Fair and it occurs to me that the FTP server at Ye Olde Whyte Wulffe (as they say during the Renaissance) is all jacked up. I can’t send files directly to that server, I have to give the files to Conrad and then let him drop them into my li’l ol’ Ye Olde Directorye. Hopefully I’ll have the photos uploaded to it tomorrow.

However, I hope that you enjoy this in the interim. As life often proves, that which actually occurs is often cooler than anything some fool can slap together and publish on his stupid-ass journal. The best part is that the cop car just drives by, as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

[ a w e s o m e ]

Justin Park

I went to the Renaissance festival today. Holy crap. Pictures and update as I heal.

Minute III

It is not just the warmth we require, it is the moisture as well. Our homes here are awash in your blood and other humors. Few of us remember when we dwelled… outside? The [holy men] among us claim those times occurred, but you are all we need now, notparables.

Minute II

We have moved inside. It is warmer here. We are born by the billions and die by the mere hundreds. The richness of the materiel inside you lets us grow faster and live longer. Thank you for allowing us to dwell here.


We are very small. You cannot see us. We live inside tiny homes that we build from sloughed-off skin cells on the surface of your body. We ride with you wherever you go. We have nowhere to go ourselves.


Goddamn, I’m busy. Also, it is very scary to lose a hard drive when you’re working on a book upon which the future of your company rides. As well, it is very scary fighting snake rolled up newspaper setting on fire.

In the words of Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of something called a Nickelback:

“If you go to Costco or a corner store and steal a Pepsi it’s still considered stealing.”

So, um… stealing is stealing? Kids, this is proof that all that whiny racket-rock turns your brain to mush.

Update: Okay, I know I listen to some mindless, foolish music, but that’s how that music is supposed to be. I mean, it’s dance music — it’s not built to be smart. (The first person to say, “But, IDM…” gets a thorough laughing-at.) Nickel Back Creek or whatever, well, they really mean this stuff, which just makes it all the more comical. Then again, I can’t fault them for success. Apparently, there’s a market for Canadians who want to look and sound like .38 Special.


Need something to do Wednesday night? I’m playing at Flux. I dunno if there’s cover. My last playlist is at that site and here as well, so if any of that sounds interesting to you, come check it out. It’s the release party for Goteki’s new Corrupted Files CD, so maybe you’ll take home some swag.

Also, starting next Friday (the 16th) is a new night Eric and I are doing at Formosa. Second and third Fridays of the month (weird, I know); format is “eighties, electroclash and electronica.” Glamorous!

Muchas Gracias

I don’t want to be overly wordy here, so I’ll keep this short.

Thanks for making me one of the fan-favorite game developers at Pen & Paper’s Overall
Achievement Awards
. It’s good to see that, amid all the negativity the Net engenders,
some people still feel strongly enough to cast a vote for what they enjoy and the people
who work to put it together.

Much appreciation to everyone who voted. You’re the people who make doing this a



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