Justin Achilli

Month: July, 2007


Briefly, and imagined, there was a scent of home. This wasn’t home, though; this was somewhere else, somewhere hundreds of miles away. It might have been home once, and one day it might be again, but it wasn’t now. Pieces of conversation, the inevitable feeling of family, the comfort of knowing the shape of the place exactly, all of that came in the false dawn of the scent.

Music Monday

Music Monday? That sounds like it’s going to become a feature. Don’t worry. It won’t. Unless it does, in which case, I’ve lied to you. Whatever the result, here’s some nifty musical stuff of which you should be cognizant. No, it’s not all new, so quit acting so cutting-edge.

I always thought that staccato guitar-strum thing in “Tear You Apart” sounded like that bit in “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” and this proves it. The addition of Joy Division seals the deal.

Who: A Plus D

What: Love Will Tear You Apart (She Wants Originality)

Continuing my love affair with the wonderfully voiced and perfectly produced Rihanna, there’s this treatment of UMBARELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA HEY. Dang, it’s so infectious, I’m even typing like that.

Who: Divide & Kreate

What: Umbrella (Divide & Kreate Remix)

Catchy song plus nostalgic Johnny Quest-style animation equals big fun.

Who: Peter, Bjorn, and John

What: The video for “Young Folks”

What’s this Friday? Why it’s the Morrissey show at Chastain, of course. I’ll be there with tears in my eyes and gladiolas in hand. Sounds like about a dozen of us are going.

Still Life on Ponce

There’s a grilled cheese sandwich on the sidewalk outside, perfectly square, without crusts, smashed into the pavement. Two steps away, in the street, a few shreds of a can of Steel Reserve have been pinned into the asphalt.

The last time I drank Steel Reserve, things got ugly. I was somehow enticed (or convinced myself) into a canvas laundry bin on a deck at a sixteen-room cabin. Naturally, people took the opportunity to launch the laundry bin off the deck. I ended up with glass in my hand. Later that night, I took a pair of fireplace tongs and attempted to tear an animal pelt from the wall, which I had likewise convinced myself was the flayed skin of Stevie Nicks.

Now, I’m just sunburned.

Big Money, No Whammies

I won five dollars today because I knew which strain of hepatitis Pamela Anderson has.

I should probably give this money to the local SPCA. I’ll do that very thing. Pay it forward!


Dang, if I ain’t hooked on the Rihanna single.

I think she might be my new Britney/Xtina.

Hah, just kidding. That’s Kelly Clarkson.


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