The Kinseeker Witch

by jachilli

A kinseeker witch perceives connections between people borne by their blood, seeing them as faint crimson lines that can extend beyond her immediate sight. She may choose to focus on a single tether connecting an individual to any other living blood-relation, or she can observe all of the spokes emanating from an individual, connecting them to and identifying any and all living relations. This is a form of divination, a sussing-out of secrets via mystic talent.

This constant influx of supernal information has a tendency to make these witches eccentric, or even mad. Although they can control the specifics of their mystic perception, they can never wholly ignore its input. Some are even haunted by their uncanny gifts in their dreams. Many find themselves shunned by superstitious societies, while others proactively become hermits. Inexplicably, only human females become kinseeker witches, but the circumstances that cause their second sight aren’t understood.

Suggestions for using the Kinseeker Witch:

• A PC finds himself singled-out and sought by the kinseeker witch at a the behest of a distant relation seeking aid.

• The PCs need to find an individual who has gone into hiding, but they have access to her sibling.

• The kinseeker witch is dazzled by a PC, who moments ago displayed a nexus of connections, but the faded and vanished in the span of an instant mere moments ago.

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