Up-to-Date Draft Development

by jachilli

I wish they would have called it “OSX Cougar.” I really do.

One of the things that has me most excited about OSX Mountain Lion is its built-in sharing. This doesn’t sound like much on the surface — in fact, as everything continues to update, it’ll become downright mandatory — but for right now, I like that it’s integrated into productivity applications. For me, that’s great. When I finish a chapter of Hunters Hunted 2, say, I can post it to Facebook and Twitter and share that in-progress chapter directly from the application itself. Right now, I have to cut-and-paste from a word processor into a WordPress blog that’s not my primary WordPress identity, then manually cut-and-paste the URL into Twitter and Facebook separately. Yes, I know there are other apps that handle this (talk about first-world problems), but the integration is the key part of all this. It’s part of the native application itself, and part of the whole OS UX.

This is a huge production boon to me, as the more work I do, the more that goes to players for Open Development consideration. I also like that it’s active use. It’s less about “Look at this video I watched” and more about “look at this thing I made.” That lies at the epicenter of today’s game designer’s role.

P.S. I got Rickrolled at work today. Not Nickelbackrolled, Rickrolled. And Luc did it to me after I got indignant about a “Booth Babes of E3″ video.

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